Voyage of Truth
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Lieutenant Nulo’s fighting skills are legendary. Unfortunately, his showboating behavior leads to formal charges and humiliation. Determined to redeem himself, but hunted by his bitter enemies, Nulo is running out of places to hide. Along the way he meets Grae, a shrewd hustler with selfish ambition and Dena a by-the-book commander, who unintentionally stumbles upon a widespread conspiracy. These three strangers will struggle to work together and soon learn their destinies are intertwined to save the world.

Voyage of Truth is the freshman novel by author Dion Lack.


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  Great news everyone! As you may know, I’ve re released my book Voyage of Truth—this time in two parts---which I will explain in detail later on. A few months ago, I had the opportunity to read an excerpt from my book to young scholars and they were beyond excited. My goal was to simply inspire and encourage them to can create...

Read It and Tell Me You Love It

[embed][/embed] I Had No “Patience” like a Doctor That Didn’t Work Nice wordplay huh? Well if you’re like me, you get extremely excited with a project once its finished and need an immediate response. “How’s this sound,” How’s this look, “what do you think about that?” That’s what happened once I finished my first draft of Voyage Of Truth. Why not? We...

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A Comedian Writes a Book…

[embed][/embed] I get that concerning question all the time. In all love, I hear, ‘Ok Dion, you didn’t follow or read comic books, you don’t have a Science Fictional or Fantasy background and you’re a observational comedian. Why in the tar nation are you writing a Sci-Fi book all of a sudden?’ And that’s when I tell them the truth, ‘I...